At Casa Doña Carmela · Tenerife we are aware of the serious concerns that COVID-19 pandemic is causing around the world. ​ Our thoughts are with all those affected across the different countries, their families, friends and co-citizens.​

​We follow the security measures and guidelines of the global and local health authorities to ensure that we are vigilant and prepared to address the current circumstances.​

Flexibility for your travels. We offer flexible terms & conditions with our best available rate for future reservations.​

We all want to protect the well-being of our guests and employees. No one should feel obligated to travel when not feeling comfortable.​

​Our commitment with all our guests is to be flexible with changes. Reservations will be treated individually. Every case is different depending on the arrival date, reservation channel, country, booking conditions, ….

Please, send us your request to our email:​

​Taking care of you. All our team members have received specific guidelines and enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures put in place across our property, aiming to provide safe and clean environments for our guests and employees.​

​We are confident, that the actual situation will improve and when you decide to come on holiday to Tenerife, you will be safe and have a great time.​

Kindest regards from Tenerife and …. Stay Healthy, ​​

The Casa Doña Carmela team